5 Technologies That Have Changed The World Of Sport

Babolat Play


French company Babolat have taken their traditional Babolat Pure Drive tennis racket and integrated sensors without affecting the playability or the feel of the racket. The design seamlessly integrates 2 buttons and a USB port inside the end of the grip. The USD charges the battery for 6 hours of game-play, and transfers data to a PC or a Mac for you to analyse your game, including your individual shots as well as energy burned and time in play.

Brain Sentry

Brain Sentry is an impact counter attached, via an easy peel-and-stick application, to the back of a helmet and is calibrated to monitor impacts and help identify athletes that should be assessed for concussion. Brain Sentry also helps coaches identify players with techniques that include excessive head/helmet contact. The counter displays the number of head impacts and an unusually hard hit to the head sets off a bright red light indicating the player should be assessed for injury.



The 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball measures the quality of key skills to help build confidence, versatility and success on court. The ball uses embedded motion sensors to measure the player’s skill, giving immediate feedback on shooting and ball-handling skills. There‚Äôs a workout section and a skill training section to help you improve your game. You can also have skills competitions with players online. The 94Fifty sensor basketball will build confidence and get you better, faster.


Jabra Elite Sport wireless ear-buds feature advanced wireless connectivity, superior sound and call quality, and up to 9 hours of battery time. With customisable fitting options, the cord-free ear-buds stay securely in place no matter how vigorous your workout. You can choose to wear one or both buds. The design includes two microphones in each bud that filter out background noise. The in-ear precision heart rate monitor tracks and analyses fitness, and provides personalised audio coaching.


The Swimtag makes swimming more sociable, interactive and fun. It logs your personal bests, competition updates, training plan progression and messages from your local swimming pool. Swimtag integrates with health and fitness apps where you can share your results and progress.

Swimmers can compete with fellow swimmers in a virtual league. Each competition has a set distance and stroke type that must be swum and swims are automatically checked, with time given to improve best times.