Sports Betting & Gaming Software Solutions

Many sports fans love watching their team, arguing over abilities, league placement and more. Whilst following a team is a fantastic hobby, particularly when watching a game with friends, you can make money at the same time with online sports betting and gaming software.

Here we list some software solutions for you to consider.

Microbrothers WinPicks

This user-friendly and popular software will let you predict winners and allow you to check those predictions against the spread. You can pick a specific betting formula using WinPicks, but with each strategy having a proven winning record, this is the easiest of sports betting software. If you are new to sports betting and gaming, WinPicks is the best for you, being accurate, comprehensive and all-purpose.

Pro Football Forecast

For fans of the NFL, Pro Football Forecast is gaming software that specialises in football. With a winning track record and an ability to go deep into detailed statistics of NFL this software gives you a perspective you cannot find elsewhere.


If you want to bet on the final score, you need to know your facts. For per point bets, Accuscore takes the numbers, the probabilities, and the latest injuries into account before simulating games ten-thousand times. Once the software has completed calculations, if will provide you with an average score. If you want some reassurance on point bets, Accuscore is the sports betting and gaming software you will want to buy.

Of course, none of these software solutions guarantee success, but each system has recorded a minimum sixty percent win rate over the course of a season. You choice of software solutions will mostly be decided by your preferred strategy. Not many bet on sports, but software can help you make money whilst you enjoy the game.